Content Management System (CMS) built for Nonprofits

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Tendenci Open Source CMS

About Tendenci CMS

Tendenci is a content management system (CMS) specifically designed for nonprofit and community organizations with the features associations require including online donation management, membership management, event registrations, and communications tools for movement building built into the Core of the software.

Tendenci empowers association managers with the online tools they need to communicate, manage and conduct transactions with their Community of donors, supporters, volunteers, and members. Tendenci is fun to use and simplifies the process to deploy and set-up a complex website in one highly-customizable software package.

The name 'Tendenci' was originally created by Randy Sarinas. The original logo, branding, and colors were designed by Aaron Long.


We recommend that new users to Tendenci first try running the software using our vagrant installation - see (https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci-vagrant) for details on installing and running Tendenci.

For more advanced users wanting to install Tendenci, follow the instructions online for local or remote installation.


Core Developers

We want to recognize some of the developers of the core of Tendenci, from it's beginnings in Microsoft ASP to this current version written in Python/Django.

  • Ed Schipul
  • Jennifer Ulmer
  • Donnell Smith
  • Nse (Charles) Ekpenyong
  • Kathryn Ciaralli
  • Adil Ahmed (project manager)
  • Jenny Qian
  • Eloy Zuniga, Jr.
  • Glen Zangirolami
  • John-Michael Oswalt (JMO)
  • Sam Lee

Tendenci would not exist without them.

Addition thanks to the following people who have contributed to the product as a whole:

  • Tim Newton
  • David Stagg
  • Loren Lugosch
  • Nabil Bani
  • Sarah Worthy